Promifen Clomiphene Citrate 10 mg


Promifen Clomiphene citrate 10mg is primarily a fertilizing drug that has been created to stimulate ovulation in women who have difficulty getting pregnant. This molecule also has the property of boosting the production of endogenous testosterone in humans inside the testicles, by elevating the secretion of LH and FSH hormones. It is this last property that interests bodybuilders because they undergo certain hormonal disorders when they use steroids, and especially when these steroids are strongly androgenic. Many androgens, and especially the strong ones such as Oxymetholone, have the unfortunate consequence of dropping the natural production of testosterone in the body during the whole cycle of steroids. This is easily explained if one considers that the intake of external androgens makes the production of testosterone by the body unnecessary since these androgens produce the same effect as testosterone. The body reacts thus by stopping the manufacture of testosterone, since it is no longer necessary during the cycle time. The trouble is that after the end of the cycle, the metabolism does not immediately re-launch this production of testosterone which has become dangerously low. It is therefore urgent to stimulate it if one wants to avoid a serious accident of the metabolism by loss of weight and catastrophic force. This is why bodybuilders use Promifen Clomiphene citrate 10mg, which triggers the manufacture of endogenous testosterone in the testicles, and thus avoids the accident. The athletes testify that a daily dose of 50 to 100 mg of Clomid can restore the normal testosterone level in 2 weeks. However, before starting treatment with Promifen Clomiphene citrate 10mg, bodybuilders generally use Vitagon HCG which also helps to increase the production of endogenous testosterone but whose action is much faster. Vitagon HCG is used first to raise the testosterone level of the subject immediately after the end of the cycle, and then treatment is continued longer with Clomid.

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