Tamoxifen, Clomiphene, Hcg, Arimidex and Aromasin

What happens if AAS are taken? In simple terms, the body stops its own androgens (testosterone) to produce. the axis beseteht of 3 major parts and I will try to express it in an understandable language for each: 1. Hypothalamic The hypothalamus, the hormone levels in the body. In our case, the testosterone and estrogen levels.

Decreases the testosterone levels below a certain level, showered the hypothalamic GnRH from which the first step in the production of testosterone is. 2. Pituitary GnRH stimulates the pituitary gland which in turn distributes the now LH and FSH. 3. The testis (Leydig cells) LH and FSH stimulate the testicles and then testosterone is produced and stimulated the production of sperm and sperm maturation.

Also in the body of the man, there are estrogens. These result from the conversion of estrogen in Testo and this is an enzyme responsible and that the aromatase enzyme. The axis takes control of hormones and tries to achieve a balance ALWAYS between Testosterone and estrogen.In 95% of cases the use of AAS (especially Testo or 19-Nors eg separation) is the body shutdown.

This is the state by the body ceases to produce its own Testosterone (endogenous Testosterone) because enough is supplied Testosterone exogenous (outside) the cure. The axis is inhibited by this negative feedback, and paralyzed and there there is no distribution of the said hormones more. Thus the endogenous testosterone production is adversely affected.

The whole thing almost everyone recognizes the fact that even the testicles during the treatment because they shrink not even needed! Now is definitely a good plan to eliminate this condition and the necessary calls to settle and then PCT.

1th What is SERMs (Nolvadex)

Nolvadex is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). Nolvadex combines selectively with specific estrogen receptors and thereby effectively blocking the estrogen and prevents genuine example by in the breast a gyno.

Importantly, it also blocks the receptors but estrogen levels in the body remains unchanged. Characterized SERMs also have a positive effect on the lipid / cholesterol. Nolva helps us at weaning because there is at the end of the treatment by the increased Testosterone level estrogen also increased in the body.

If now no more exogenous Testosterone fed a low Testosterone level remains an elevated estro level. Now Nolvaex prevents that, for example, the estrogen binds to the receptors in the breast and e.g. one caused gyno. But Nolva is more.

It counteracts the negative feedback on the axis by the estrogen receptors in the brain (hypothalamus) makes the body and so dazzled the estrogen levels were extremely low. Since estrogen is produced only by aromatase he starts on the mechanism described above (GnRH> LH, FSH> Testo) to produce androgens and again this would then change it into estrogen. This gives a kind of kick start the axis and starts again to function normally.

2th What is Clomid

Works essentially the same way that I described at Nolvadex . Some say it would be better than Nolvadex but has since been shown in several studies to be at least equivalent, and a combination of both is the best solution.

One thing is clear, however, much better than Clomid Nolvadex binds to the receptors in the breast and is Dahr at gyno the drug of choice (maybe now you understand why it is a breast cancer drug).

3th What is SERMs of the generation

Cyclofenil or Rraloxifene or Toremifene Citrate. These meds I do not discuss in detail. They are much more common in English-language boards. There are not so easy to get and as widespread as Nolvadex or Clomid. They are now also well researched and generally less compatible with side effects.

4th What is ALS (Aromatase inhibitors)

There are 2 different AIs. One of the AIs are destroying the aromatase enzyme, the other fight or compete for a connection with them.What does an AI? An AI (aromatase inhibitor) block essentially the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and helps the estrogen levels, especially in the control treatment, and to combat estrogen related side effects such as extreme water drag, and gyno.

Important it is not to kill estrogen completely because we need estrogen for muscle building and also has positive effects on estrogen further example Cholesterol levels, bones, joints and even the libido etc.AIs are e.g. Arimidex, Aromasin, Letro

5th What is HcG

What HcG? If we again think back to the axle then there was such a hormone by the pituitary gland that was in fact the LH. This LH stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes, and it is produced Testo. HcG is a synthetic LH which will do the job if the body does not produce its own LH (negative feedback loop). HcG is often misused and is not completely harmless. When used incorrectly can damage the Leydig cells irreparably. In this case you have probably for the rest of his life living with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).There are a few other factors to consider that but for a start we should be enough once

How to do a Post Cycle Therapy

How to use HcG:

I think a beginner with a cycle of 250mg Testo / E5d runs for 12-16 weeks required no HcG. For longer treatments, it is not absolutely necessary but from experienced users, it is often used. Previously it was believed to depose HcG was a good idea. Meanwhile, to get away from but more and more.

The idea of using exogenous LH in the weaning is not optimal because one wants to achieve the body recovers and the axis again complete works on endogenous basis. Meanwhile, we suggest HcG for very long cures for the whole treatment in a very stable, low doses of about 125-250iu 2-3x a week to use so as to prevent it.

Testicles stop producing endogenous Testo and to avoid shrinking of the testicles Many use HcG in the last 6 weeks of treatment (before weaning) in the doses 500iu 2-3x a week in order to relaunch the testicles. We now know that the main problem when placing and restoring the axis not the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are but the testicles themselves.

The pituitary gland can start quickly with the realativ Sekretierung of LH but because the testicles are shrunk to small peanuts this despite not produce enough LH Testo. When the testicles just in time (even during the treatment) boosts with HcG, they begin to grow and before you have it later when issuing leicher much.

With very long treatments (1 year +) in which no HcG was hereby established during the treatment, it makes perfect sense the shock testis / Leydig cells to short term exposure to a higher dose of HcG (1500iu up) to get them back to the work.

I always do so I start the last 4-6 weeks of treatment to give 500iu 2x/week HcG. (My cures are also never more than 20 weeks).

How to use AIs

I would recommend for beginner only in the cure and even if you are very prone to estrogen related side effects such as I (as a preventive measure) or in the acute treatment as a problem gets Gyno signs.I myself use Adex and go to the spa (already had a gyno surgery). E3e 0.25 mg as a preventive measure With Aromasin would be about 12.5 mg eod. In any case, I recommend an AI to have on hand in case of problems so that you can start right away.

How to use SERMs:

Weaning always use at least a SERM. I personally do not believe in just post cycle therapy with zinc and vitamin C, Tribulus and co. even if that may be enough for some users. Settling and restoring hormonal balance takes so much longer than I think a SERM. If you still choose this method should be safe just half a SERM ready!

As I said it is not carved in stone recipe is a Post Cycle Therapy should look like and use always depends on the used steroids and the duration of the cure. For beginner cycles (250mg / e5d, 16 weeks), it is sufficient only to use a SERM (as Clomid or Nolvadex).

PCT Clomid cycle

Days 1-3 100mg Clomid, then 4 weeks 50mg ed. At 4 weeks Nolva 20mg ed. Our No.1 goal at weaning, it is the natural testosterone production as quickly as possible to revive but there are still more things to be considered.

What is Cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone (also called stress hormone) is exactly the opposite of what we want that is causing muscle growth and muscle maintenance. It is a strong catabolic and must be controlled if possible. Besides many opportunities to do that is to take vitamin C with the best solution. Vitamin C keeps cortisol levels under control.The regimen should be at 3g + ed.

Diet: Also, an important point when we just of low testosterone levels at weaning talk and the body is in a catabolic state. Now the calorie and protein intake be increased einam. If necessary. excess fat can be addressed at the end of the withdrawal period.

Training: The training should be adapted in the weaning also.

Too long hard training again causes increased secretion of cortisol. Therefore, we must work harder in the weaning but it is considerably shorter. E.g. Regular daily exercise duration 60 minutes> 45 minutes at weaning. That does not mean you shall complete your program faster, it means no more weight, less reps and less sets per muscle.

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