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When it comes to what is good anabolic-steroid for what purpose, how and why you can combine different steroids, and where the pros and cons of the various ingredients are, then, in general, there is a great deal of confusion. Of the points that I will mention here, many have already been covered in other articles, and I will summarize them now for the first time in an article. Some new relationships I will point out also.

The comparison of anabolic steroids

The comparison of different substances must be done in a sensible way. Unfortunately, this is rarely done in bodybuilding. I had to listen from people: “Winstrol is useless if I give 2 ampoules of Sustanon a week, then I have good results every time I tried Winstrol 2 ampoules per week and very little of it had it’s no!…”

Let’s take a closer look at this type of comparison: 2 ampoules of Sustanon are 500 mg of testosterone esters. 2 ampoules are 100mg Winstrol Stanozolol. Should it surprise anyone that at 500mg a drug comes out more than 100 mg of another? Does that mean that the other agent is useless? Of course not.

When comparing anabolic-steroids in a meaningful way, then it can be done from three points of view – there is one economic aspect, then there’s medicinal chemistry point of the third, and the clinical point of view.

Second, one can compare the effects of equal amounts of each. If we were to proceed it quite correctly, then you should really also take into account the weight of the ester yet. But we want to make it so complicated here, and instead compare mg per mg. So that’s 350 mg Sustanon / week, 350 mg Winstrol Depot / week. Here Winstrol cuts already did much better and would certainly win, if looking at the effect on the stack and not in an isolated application.

Last one could compare the side effects while at the same effective doses, the substance with fewer side effects for the same therapeutic benefit would be the winner then. Here Winstrol would win without a doubt, at least in the moderate-dose range.

If I compare with each other in this article steroids, then I want to do about the effects of equal amounts or on the same side effects efficient doses. In many books on steroids e.g. low dosage of oxandrolone at 50 mg Dianabol (Anadrol) or moderate amounts of testosterone propionate with much larger amounts of testosterone enanthate compared. In this way I will not make it in this article because that would be neither informative nor useful.

Testosterone – the reference steroid

Testosterone is the primary naturally occurring androgen and also the most widely used anabolic steroid. It is therefore used as a reference means by which all other anabolic-steroids are compared.

Testoviron (Testosterone Enanthate) Testosterone has the special property that it converts enzymatically both to DHT and to estrogen. With a normal level of testosterone, these properties are desired, but at a supraphysiological levels, caused by the exogenous administration of testosterone, they are less desirable. The effect of DHT to the androgen receptor is three times stronger than the (considered per mg) of testosterone.

Therefore, in the areas of tissue in which testosterone is converted to DHT, three times more androgens than elsewhere in the body. Consequently, the androgen levels in the skin and in the prostate is three times higher than in the muscle. Thus the androgenic effect can be very strong there. Proscar could be used to normalize the concentration of DHT in spite of high doses of testosterone, more or less.

Excessive conversion of testosterone to estrogen contributes to the inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, can cause gyno and water retention, leading to female pattern fat distribution after. It is therefore neither desirable. The conversion to estrogen can be somewhat reduced by using a Aromatasehmmers as Cytadren, or you can limit the effect of estradiol by a Reptorenblocker like Clomid. The latter applies to many tissues, including the hypothalamus and breast.

One of the main differences between the synthetic anbolen steroids and testosterone is that you the synthetic Varinaten “weaned” the conversion to DHT and / or estrogen has. Another difference comes from the fact that not all effects of androgen on the androgen receptor mediated. And not all anabolic-steroids have a similar effect to testosterone when it comes to effects, which have to do with the androgen receptor nothing.

With testosterone alone, you can already achieve very good results – especially when it is administered in an amount of about 1 gram / week. But 500 mg / week can bring good results. If no other drugs are used concomitantly, then side effects such as gynecomastia, however, are not unlikely. In particular, even prostate enlargement, acne and hair loss are mentioned (with a genetic pre-load), because the androgen levels may result in the corresponding tissues of the local potent DHT conversion to be very high. For synthetic anabolic-steroids, however, do not convert to the DHT, resulting in these tissues only the same androgen levels as well as in the rest of the body. And no androgen levels, which is three times as high. This is a non-negligible advantage.

A particularly interesting property of testosterone is its low toxicity, if one disregards the above side effects. Doses of 2 or even 4 grams / week are not uncommon in bodybuilding, the liver burden but barely. And there is no one to a more-effective dose of another (single) anabolic steroid would want to take. And if so, then it would undoubtedly be toxic. Thus e.g. the hepatotoxicity of Winstrol (due to 17alpha-alkylation) at a dose of 350 mg / week is not so serious, but it would be at a dose of 2 grams / week to a serious problem. Where this is speculation, of course – I’ve never heard of someone who would have taken such high doses Winstrol. In view of the toxicity at high doses of testosterone seems therefore to have advantages over the most synthetic anabolic-steroids. Such dosages can be found though only in professional bodybuilding. Most of them use much more moderate doses, and where often the opposite is the case.

Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin)

Deca Durabolin (nandrolone) This anabolic steroid is (to my knowledge) unique in that it converts the enzyme 5alpha-reductase to a less androgenic substance. That is, the same enzyme that converts testosterone into the more androgenic DHT, nandrolone at exactly the opposite effect. Therefore Deca is in the skin, scalp and prostate deactivated to a certain extent, so that in these tissues the lower androgen levels fails as in the rest of the body.

So if you with nandrolone exerts the same effect as with any other steroid in the androgen receptor in muscle tissue, the androgenic effect on scalp, skin and prostate is comparatively lower. Deca is therefore the best choice for those, which would be easily adjusted problems with androgenic side effects.

The effect of nandrolone on the androgen receptor in Muskelgwebe is superior to that of testosterone: the binding ability is better. However, looking at the growth of muscle per mg of active ingredient, then the effect of Deca is only half as strong as that of testosterone. I think the reason is that nandrolone is less effective or even completely ineffective when it comes to Androgenwirkungen that are not mediated by the androgen receptor.

Just seems the effect of nandrolone on the nervous system marked low or not be present. This applies especially to the nerve cells that in bringing about an erection play a role. The sole use of Deca often leads to complete sexual impotence.

Such problems can be solved, however, in that it combines with another steroid nandrolone, which has the desired effects. E.G. with testosterone.

Deca is converted to a certain extent into estrogen, and it appears that this process is not even with an aromatase inhibitor may be suppressed. It could even be that the aromatase enzyme it does not matter. From my perspective, it’s more of the enzyme CYP2C11, which is in charge here. In any case, it has been found that the aromatase Cytadren not prevent Aromatiseren of nandrolone can.

Nandrolone shows at a dose of 400 mg / week, a moderate effect. It has a long half-life and is therefore short cures less suitable. It fits better in a long treatment and sneaks in the weeks after the last injection of quasi-self.

Boldenone (Equipoise)

This steroid appears to be comparable in its effect with nandrolone, but he lacks the advantage of metabolic inactivation by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Currently I can not tell if its effect is due to a strong receptor binding reached, or Mechanismem that are not mediated by the androgen receptor.

Methenolone (Primobolan)

Primobolan (Methenolone) This steroid is in its anabolic effect roughly comparable to nandrolone, even if it is slightly worse binds to the androgen receptor. Moreover, it seems to be similar to be weak in the anabolic processes, which are not related to the androgen receptor. On the other hand, one can dispense Primobolan significantly higher than the nandrolone esters, and there is still quite enjoyable. Assuming, of course, that you can afford.

It seems that Primobolan – in terms of anabolic effects – the axis inhibits less than Deca or testosterone. The reason for this could be that it does not convert to estrogen. Unlike Deca Primobolan not react with the enzyme 5alpha-reductase and therefore loses nothing of its androgenic effect. Therefore, it is not so friendly to the skin and hair as Deca. On the other hand Primobolan also suppresses the body’s production of testosterone, which leads to the elimination of the naturally produced DHTs. And this can even lead that Primobolan under the skin texture improves.

Methandriol Dipropionate

Men should avoid this steroid – unless someone wanted to intentionally use an estrogenic substance. Are just the same active substance under the name Pentabol in an oral version. Then no ester and with the same estrogen-properties (of the poor bioavailability aside).

Stanozolol (Winstrol)

One obvious difference between Winstrol Depot and other injectable steroids is that it is not esterified and sold as aqueous stanozolol solution (but it should not be called water-soluble, as Stanozolol can not be really solved in water). Winstrol Depot therefore has no half-life in the classic sense, and therefore one can also use a model in which the drug levels after a period of decreased x by half, according to 2 x one quarter and by 3 x one-eighth of the starting value. Instead, the crystals dissolve slowly, and when they have all dissolved, then the level of drug levels quickly.

The Upjohn Company asserts that in veterinary medicine, one injection per week leads to a constant drug levels. I’m not sure if this is really true – possible that this is in regard to the adequacy in clinical use is true, but not to be taken literally. Bodybuilders have indeed made the observation that frequent injections are required if one wants to achieve a noticeable effect of Winstrol.

If the assertion of Upjohn still be true, then the observation in bodybuilding would probably simply due to the fact that a certain dose is required (eg 350 mg / week). But not necessarily daily injections. Unfortunately compare bodybuilders things often an illogical way. And the view that daily injections are needed, could also be the conclusion from this that an injection of 50 mg per week is not the intended result.

She does not because this dose is too low. Possibly. we make for another article some urine tests. Which would provide more accurate information on the subject then – there are certainly many who would be interested.

Stanozolol has some biochemical properties, which no other anabolic steroid. We will show this in a later article.

Methandrostenolone (Dianabol)

Naposim (methandrostenolone) Contrary to what many would expect, this drug is only a weak agonist of the androgen receptor is, it has only a low binding affinity. It follows that its effect is based mainly on the effects that are not mediated by the androgen receptor. Since Dianabol is not particularly efficient when it comes to activate androgen receptor, it should be combined with another anabolic steroid, which has a high binding affinity. At a moderate dosage (20 – 50 mg / day), seems oral methandrostenolone per mg as to act about twice as strong as the injectable testosterone esters.

Dianabol converts via the aromatase enzyme to estradiol. The amount so converted to estradiol, may be reduced by the aromatase Cytadren (dosage and application method were explained in previous articles).

Few tablets Dianabol have some women already led to an irreversible vocal depression: a tablet / day over a period of a few weeks. That was also the reason why you ended in the 60s, the common practice, Dianabol women prescribe as “tonic” (at a dose of one tablet Dianabol / day).

As mentioned above – the individual differences are large, and some women can obtain the desired anabolic effect without the personal limit is reached for virilizing side effects. For other that is unfortunately not the case.

Oxymetholone (Anadrol ®, Anadrol)

As methandrostenolone, so also in the binding affinity oxymetholone against the androgen receptor is bad, which is why it is thought to act on the mechanisms that are not mediated by the androgen receptor. It is not clear, in my view, whether the effects of oxymetholone are the same, which causes even Dianabol. There seems to be a difference in any case, I suspect that oxymetholone has progestogenic activity – even if it is in the scientific literature is no evidence for or against.

It has been observed that cause sore nipples or oxymetholone can cause gynecomastia. And also in the administration of anti-estrogens in high doses, which gives a clear indication that these symptoms have nothing to do with estrogen. Moreover, the symptoms not occur when simultaneously Stanozolol used which has an anti-progesterone even effect. I am still unclear whether the anti-progestational (= anti-progesterone) effect of Winstrol reduces the growth of muscles or not.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) oxymetholone is not converted in the body into estrogen. At least there is no evidence for it, and there is also no mechanism is feasible on this would be possible. Anti-estrogens are not necessary if no anabolic steroid is used, the flavored. In combination with agents such as testosterone oxymetholone is notorious for exacerbating estrogen side effects. It does possibly by triggering progesterone side effects.

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