Stack For Beginner

Stack For Beginner


  • 1 DECA 10ML VIAL



How to take this cycle:

You will inject the ena test with deca twice a week. On Monday you will load up a syringe with 1.5ml of ena test. You will then place your thumb on your hip bone and extend your pointer finger to make an L shape. Rotate from your thumb on the hip bone until your pointer finger is on your butt. This is where you will inject, we suggest switching sides each injection. When done injecting get excited because you are now on steroids! Make sure to throw away the syringe and then put your steroid bottles on a shelf out of sunlight or in the fridge.

You will repeat the same injection as Monday on Thursdays also. You will do this for 3 weeks.

On week 4 you will continue your 1.5ml injections of ena test twice a week, but you will now add the Deca. You will add 1ml of deca to each injection. You will use the same syringe for the ena test and the deca. Add both compounds to the syringe and then do the injection.

At week 5 you will introduce the Anadrol Pills to the stack. Anadrol pills are to be taken Monday through Friday in the morning after breakfast. Take 2 pills a day for 5 days a week until gone. Get excited by how awesome and effective these pills are because you will start lifting way more weight right away. These pills can be a little hard on the liver so be sure to buy some milk thistle pills at GNC or supplement store. They are not nearly as bad for your liver as drinking alcohol so don’t get all scared that we said they can be hard on your liver. You are not allowed to drink or do recreational drugs while on your cycle! It is too much for your liver and will hurt you.

This cycle will last you 10 weeks and should increase your muscle mass by 10 – 40 lbs. Your first time taking steroids is the best because your receptor sites are virgin, giving you way bigger gains. How much muscle you put on is entirely up to you because it all comes down to how much you eat, how well you eat and how hard you train. Unfortunately you will not turn into Arnold from just this cycle, but you will see tremendous results and greatly increase your self confidence.

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